Sunday, April 27

Last night was a terrible night for sleeping. I heard the sound of dripping from my kitchen ceiling for most of the night. This is odd though, the drip spontaneously stopped sometime before sunrise. I DO so hope this is not storm related stuff. Odd while it was leaking, there was not a drop of rain, the thunderstorm of the earlier day was at least five hours earlier, and the leak happened from about midnight to about 5 AM. The bathroom in the above apartment is at that very spot also, but not one drop of wetness in that area....
I think I live in a very playfully haunted house!
Here is a picture of the place about the year 1932--33. It is the two-color place with two front porches just beyond the stone "bleachers" that did stand across the street in the field of the old Central High School. The house is the most to the right of the picture. There is the place! The building that is obviously quite large to the left was the field building that Central High used for all sports related needs and there was a wall that encircled the whole. The area is now where the Memorial Stadium sits (later dedicated in September 1936).

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