Wednesday, April 30

Old Postcard

The caption to the postcard I have added indicates the year 1941, behind the building one sees the old Amphitheater, later named as the Veterans Memorial Stadium for a few years until it was replaced by the present stadium. There are pictures of this old Amphitheater that are mislabelled as the new (1936) stadium without seats! The old Amphitheater was a horse shoe shaped structure completely of earth and without seating; existing still to a large extent is that inclined earth ramp in Independence Park. It stood behind the Armory Auditorium and served as a sports haven for a number of years; I am not exactly sure yet when it was formed, although I can at least date it to after 1904-5 when Independence Park was designed and realized in the drained water reservoir of the 1890s. I will add one of the seatless pictures to this blog soon.

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