Wednesday, August 13

Again, the Heat of What Will Be

Above is the map of who read the blog last week--impressive!

Ah, the news, telling us that heating oil will be up in price by about 31% and natural gas will be up by 22%. This is akin to so much of what will be in the winter to come. We really can not have much more in the infrastructure of North Carolina energy; we do not have enough wind, water is scarce as the Catawba River is stressed from the drought we have weathered for over a year. Nuclear power is saturated here, so we have that and natural gas. News is that electric prices will rise a good margin also. Here comes a rude awakening to 2009 and the beginning of the end of our Decade of Chaos.
Otherwise, on a totally opposite tangent--but related, we are having a steady soaking rain with no wind and temperatures are not to rise about the high 70's.
Go figure, this city is often so contrary !

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