Saturday, August 30

Lou Reed "...And all the politicians making crazy sounds..."

1973 he recorded it and in '74 when it came out, Lou Reed stunned the world with his album "Rock and Roll Animal."
The whole world is trying to relive MY youth, it really does not seem any different. Everyone wants to be the hippy, the loose kid---the creative one, the one who would go on camping trips and ignore the world out in in the green leaves of nature.

Was it the times, or is it the music the perpetuates this ? We are on a carousel that has become so entrancing we refuse to get off. It has become more it is obsession for many. The fascination with the past as escapism has been a human trait since time really began. It is the storytelling that fascinates and when a time is discovered that has a boiling point of human creativity and indulgences, a tendency is for a group to then gather to perpetuate the later interpretations of what that real past becomes and will stand for people and history books of the future. These persons sooner or later become academics on the subjects, if they stay with them and become reliable interpreters.
In this fashion history DOES actually change and is altered in later reality---but it is all the set-up of man to alter what was into what we now think was and then later: go on to profess what we say really IS the new interpretation of what we feel was the actuality of those now quite gone and irretrievable times.

This is a mind-game man plays.

This is our all-too-engaging
kaleidoscope of tiny baubles, shards of twisted wire and broken glass
that life's picture is presented in front of the individual
who has just began
peeping into the system.

The baubles right there at Lou Reed's neck...

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