Friday, August 1

August Heat

We are now at the days when summer will be hot with very few exceptions and temperatures are close o body temperature and thus it is uncomfortable at almost any move more than the minimum. I have asked a bit of help getting my apartment more organized and unpacked. As I have been sick a good bit since my move and dizzy spells are a constant reminder that my health can be fragile and I just can not do what I could when I was much younger. In many ways this has been a very sad mood week for me. My father's birthday July 22nd, the 27th being the anniversary of my mother (died 1976) and dad's wedding in 1956 and then my own birthday on the 30th. A lot of family memories, and there was only the three of us, rushed into my head and most are not the easiest thoughts to deal with. Life has changed so much in thirty or so years--a third of a century has past.
2008 is a tough time to live through and the dislocation of society makes me not very optimistic that our future will be any better at all. Shaw said "...youth is wasted on the young," and I do hope so much for the younger of this world and America. Apathy is often the norm, seems so few want to get involved in life and it is too easy to just walk away with crossed arms in disgust.
I would rather more for the youth of the world;
I can not motivate any more than I am now because so few are courageous to listen and act in any way at all. Many just do nothing. It is like an incurable social depression that our country is going through.
This is ourselves that we face, not just the young--because it is the confusing and chaotic world that we created that we are passing on to them.
We can only blame ourselves.

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