Tuesday, September 23

Hidden Benefits

Shipments of gasoline for well over a week, since Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast and caused damage to a number of oil drill platforms, to be piped to Charlotte and the whole area has slowed to around 40% of normal levels. One half of stations have none to sell and prices are higher here than the average in the country. The "officials" indicate that this may last another 10 days.

Benefits Not Expected:
Less traffic, fewer accidents, less car break ins, lower speed on the highways so fewer fatalities there and generally less hectic and pressured drivers everywhere, including the rise in public transport use and light-rail riders--making our expensive system in actuality become a great success.

Good going people, we have also started polluting our air less !

Now, as long as society and our total economy do not disintegrate, we just might become saviors of everything, or at least SOMETHING...

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