Monday, October 13

Columbus Day

The perfection of now.

A local man would have had his 75th birthday today, but he had wandered from his assisted living care facility ten days ago.
He had dementia and had fallen into the creek well behind the home.
His body was found late yesterday and he would have had his birthday today, if he had lived.
His last moments may have been pleasant and calm--enjoying the fall warmth and leafy sunlight that fell at the travelling water beside. A few rocks for a footrest as well as possibly a nice log and tree crook for a place to put his head.

Some pets have been known to leave the comforting home and wander into the woods to die; we humans must have this instinct very deep inside us--to be alone and to be unencumbered by by anything except the fully natural.
Then, to rest and then to die.
Buddhist monks of a certain few are known to have sit and meditate before and into death to be then always in the position of that meditation pose. Forever restful and without burdens.
Let the man at the creek side be always be burden less and calm.
Have him combine his essence with the nature that he knew was his comfort.
Create the newness of his being as one with the all of existence.

The breath that flows through life.
That last breeze of southern autumn
At the creek side.

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