Monday, October 20

A Red Baloon in a Camellia Bush

I was on my way to the newly opened Trader Joe's grocery store when right at my side in a camellia bush, two blocks up from my house, was an entangled red balloon on a light blue ribbon that had still enough helium in it to be upright, but no longer enough to float the sky.
I very easily untangled the ribbon and took it away with me for my walk.
Flabby and dispirited, the balloon had so little left in it and all I could imagine is the mile or two it had flown from the slipping-grasped child somewhere across the city.
Freedom and a dying red balloon;
I handed it to a passing little boy with his mother.

"Give this its last bit of happiness...."
The kid grinned widely like the Cheshire Cat.

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