Thursday, January 22

2009 Reality Hits

There was no big snow. Charlotte was "spared" any tragedy because of it, but to me I would have loved seeing the city very covered with enough snow to hide everything.

We have our new president...only TWO days of this and nasty people like Anne Coulter are on "Doctor" Phil speaking like a drunk woman in church telling off the preacher.
Phil had his cheering minions to applaud in the audience.

Seems money is very tight with absolutely everyone.
Here we are in he reality I seemed to have predicted as early as May and June of last year. 1929--1930 the beginning of the "New Depression."
One man on "Good Morning America" said that the amount of bailout that is being given and has given has failed as seen with the Bank Of America new request for money as the say: "The acquisition of Merrill Lynch was more to the negative side than expected." Ken Lewis CEO of BoA stepped in yesterday and personally bought 200,000 shares of bank stock.
This morning's GMA interview "This puts us back to September 2008. Are we ready for a real bust of the banks? We have only postponed what was happening until now & there is an inevitability that can not be stopped."

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