Saturday, January 31

Mecklenburg County Shortfall

Dear City Council Member Kinsey,

I forward the below e-mail for your files.

Subject: Fw: CPCC Spending Concern

Hello Nancy Carter!

It has been a while that I have sent word your way and here is a message that I have sent to our Mayor.
CPCC has signs on fences around the project site that slate it to begin 2/2/2009.

This need not be if all involved cause the bond money to not be there thus saving for the City & County.

Subject: CPCC Spending Concern

Dear Mayor McCrory,

I saw and truly appreciated your thoughts and statements on WCNC a few weeks
ago when interviewed by Dave Wagner, especially how you urge Charlotte as a
city to finish projects that have been started and to not begin new ones.
Dealing with this is a proposed eight-floor parking deck at CPCC that if not
constructed can save the city and county a number of millions of dollars.
Following here is a statement/comment that I have sent to a few television

"Look into the money that Central Piedmont Community College spends also,
like on needless parking deck projects that do NOT promote public
transportation use and seem an opposite message than the trolley lines that
have been & continue to be constructed on Elizabeth Avenue. Millions can be
saved there--besides why does the college insist on a new deck (at Memorial
Stadium) when the old Thompson Orphanage parking lot exists and could be
used? It sits fenced and "abandoned" right across the street from the
college administration buildings at 4th street across from the Metropolitan
Target store. Tony Zeiss is very short-sighted when it comes to the
community" part of the name of the college."
Certainly with the Home Depot Design center leaving, there is a great deal
of available space to be seen in the Midtown Area and parking decks are not
going to be as crowded there within the next few months either !
We need to be a good example of knowing when enough is enough, and not
continue spending like it is still 2006--2007.

I plan on being at the next County Commissioners Meeting that allows public
comment with a statement to this end on February 10th.

Thank You Mayor
For your Interest and Concern in this Matter,
& Feel Free to Contact Me,

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