Tuesday, February 10

Central Piedmont Community College & Mayor McCrory

Dear Mayor McCrory,

I Forward this e-mail below to you for your own information.

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To: City Council Member Nancy Carter
Date: 2/10/2009 7:17:37 AM

If the pressure upon those that be is: We can not afford to spend....We
need to finish what has started rather than start NEW projects and we keep
getting the public more involved this will pan out that it should not be
Because the plot/parking lot at CPCC # 7 and 8 is county land many are
involved with these decisions..
CPCC can not run rough shod with a check book and pen over what is in the
cash-box just because of all the numbers involved.
City involved/CountyInvolved/Vets/Involved/Eliz. Community/CPCC etc.
The public WILL protest if this is clear.
A simple message and we may want to see if the phrase "and vistas" can be
added to the historic proclamation of Veterans Memorial Stadium.
A good idea?
This could clear up a lot for the future.
Keep up your focus and HARD work Nancy--
You are the Best!

Date: 2/10/2009 7:01:20 AM
Subject: Re: Applause !!

Thanks, P. I am still concerned about the parking deck at CPCC, but
the conversations I've had about retrofitting or relocating have not paid
off. My apologies...
And my best wishes,

Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 6:45:00 AM
Subject: Applause !!

Hello !

I saw your Wonderful comments on Public Transportation that video
highlighted the
CPCC leg of the new trolley line this morning on WSOC.
Let's finish what we have already started !

Great Going!

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