Sunday, July 26

Memorial Stadium Repairs to Last Until December 2009

TV 14: News Carolina: CHARLOTTE – "All major events, including high school football games, will not be held at Memorial Stadium this year due to damage to the field.

A portion of a pipe under the field collapsed in early June during a rain storm. The pipe will be fixed, but the field will not be open until possibly November or December.

CMS games and state playoffs games will have to find a new venue."

THIS should END the possibility that the CPCC "planned" 7th Street Parking Deck would EVER be built. My best hope and prediction is that it is NOW CANCELLED and seen as a MISTAKE that NEED NOT BE BUILT.
Moneys from Parks & Rec. as well as the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County best be funneled toward the repair of the stadium as well as restoration of the Natural landscape to work with the HISTORIC Veterans Memorial Stadium of 1936.

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