Saturday, October 17

Rodeo Ben Cowboy Outfit from the 1930s Vintage Near Mint

"Fantastic Rodeo Ben Western Cowboy Embroidered Men's Shirt and Pants - probably Custom Made 1933 - 40's
Best we have ever had - made from Forstman Virgin Wool in Great Condition
Cowboy Ben was born Benjamin Lichtenstein (1894-1979) in Philadelphia and was THE costume designer for Hollywood Western Stars in the 1930's and 40's and beyond - including Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers and later for Wrangler where he created the "cowboy jeans" still made today and was the first to use a zipper in jeans.
He is noted as the first to put metal glove snaps on shirts and started using mother of pearl snaps in 1933
This is a stunning suit - the shirt has heavy embroidery collar, down the front placket, sleeves, cuffs and back yoke. The shirt is a nice cream colored back and has dark blue with golden piping and golden and cream embroidery. It has hand ticking around all the embroidered areas. It has 6 mother of pearl golden snaps down the front and 6 on each sleeve.
There are 2 arrowpoint pockets on the shirt with hand ticking in blue and with blue piping. the background material has a diamond pattern woven in the base.
Rodeo Ben tag in neck
Pants - They are a twilled worsted wool in cream with ornate embroidered belt loops in blue with golden piping and front pockets with blue backs that show also hand ticked and two back pockets with triangle flaps -
The back pockets of the pants are the only damage I see - the snaps are missing the MOP tops and has repairs at the snaps in the blue fabric - a tailor could easily replace the snaps
The heavy embroidery starts at the top and continues down the pants legs to the hem."

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Anonymous said...

It's mine now. So rare to find one that fits me. A great suit from a great maker.