Thursday, January 28

Dinty Moore 1935

"In 1935, Dinty Moore® beef stew was introduced to America in a big, bold blue-and-white can. No one could have predicted the product popularity that would follow. Dinty Moore® beef stew was soon flanked by a whole variety of hearty flavors.
More than 70 years later, Dinty Moore® beef stew is the #1 selling stew in the nation, and the Dinty Moore® brand is still a staple in the American cupboard. The name means much more than just beef stew; it’s a convenient, satisfying meal in minutes.
And now it’s even easier to enjoy Dinty Moore® stew because it comes in microwaveable bowls, cups and trays. Dinty Moore® stew also meets the needs of healthy shoppers because it has no preservatives and only 240 calories per eight-ounce serving.

If your appetite isn't dainty, look for Dinty Moore® Big Bowls. These 15-oz. microwaveable bowls come in five tasty flavors and will satisfy the heartiest of appetites."
You can NOT go wrong with a classic...add 1/4 can of peas maybe...

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