Tuesday, January 26

"Who Is Lady GaGa?"

She is 23---New Yorker--Stefani Germanotta was accepted to Juilliard at 11 years old but did not start and later attended the NYU Tisch School of the Arts at 17. She has played piano since 4 and has a long background of composition, writing her first ballad at 13. She will win a number of Grammies on January 31st---this I am certain Her name comes from friends who called her very "gaga" like the Queen song: "Radio Gaga." She , in my opinion, is 1000% more talented than Madonna--her obvious influences are Bowie, Grace Jones, M. Jackson as well as Madonna. Along with Space Cowboy, Jeremy Amelin and a few other producers, she is at the forefront of the contemporary resurrection of synthesizer based dance music.
"Bad Romance" is amazingly classical in form and uses a clever subject that is pitted against counter-subjects in a canonic way that is infectious even though audiences would have no clue the music is that crafted! The opening of the official video in fact has an electronic "harpsichord" tune that sounds like a classical ditty and that ditty IS the tune "Bad Romance," and this reprises right at the end, in good classical form.
The tune is a real work: Fugue 24 in B Minor from Well Tempered Clavier, Book I, of Johann Sebastian Bach, from the year 1722.

She states that she as a young girl always felt like a freak, so the costumes and images she creates are open invitations to her fans who also feel like a freak to express themselves in the arena with their own creativity and costuming. She does not want to alienate, she wants everyone to have fun and join her. I would be there in a heartbeat....Good Show GaGa !

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