Thursday, June 10

1890s Wooden Cradle Telephone

I have never seen a phone quite so stunning!  This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!  Beautiful hand painted wood and brass phone.  It appears to be made of Walnut and it is flawless.  The floral motif painted on it is alive with color!  Really a work of art!  This has brass on the corners with an ornate floral design as well.  You can see the close up in one of the photos.  Even the cord is amazing.  A lovely fabric cord that is braided and is so unique!  This has a brass dial and ringer on the back (see photos).  The receiver also has brass on it as well.  This is quite a heavy phone.  I was told that this is Italian made.  The plug on this is of the four prong type which I believe is what would be used in parts of Europe.  This is easily fixed with an adaptor.  I have not taken it apart at all as I have not wanted to damage it in any way, shape or form.
  So I am unsure of the exact maker.  I do not see any markings on the exterior of the phone itself.  I did test it with a temporary line that my uncle attached (he worked for the phone company for many years) and it makes calls perfectly and has great sound through the receiver.  The ringer is absolutely charming!  Everything on here appears to be in very fine working order.  The phone itself is in remarkable condition.  I see no dings or damage to the wood.  The colors are nice and bright with reds, brown and creams.  The only thing I see is a small part of the braided fabric cord that is worn and you can see the wire through it.  It is extremely minor and does not take away from the beauty of this phone whatsoever.  It stands 12 inches tall and the base of the phone measures 6 x 5 inches.  This is an absolute showpiece!  I have never seen one quite like it with this beautiful wood and floral design on it, not to mention the fantastic looking cord.  If you are looking for a unique, one of a kind phone then you have found it.  This is a must have for a collector!  This will stop anyone in their tracks when they lay their eyes on it.'

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