Saturday, July 31

1893 Jacquette Egg Beater of Cast Iron

According to Mr. Don Thornton's book "The Egg Beater Chronicles" this cast iron geared egg beater was patented as a beater and mixer with power on November 28, 1893 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania by Harry Jaquette.
This is quite the invention in intricate design.

Embossed behind the gear " Patented No 3",   this is the third size of five sizes made.

One handle is embossed " JACQUETTE" and the other PHILA.  PA.

The age patina on this piece is exquisite. 

 It is in Amazing condition considering it is 117 years old !

The cast does not have any breaks, the gears move very freely & smoothly, the wire is intact with no breaks.

The approximate measurement is: 11" long,  6 1/2" high from table to top of wire beater & the handles spread apart to an impressive 16 1/2" wide when it is open all the way.

If you collect unusual antique kitchen utensils this is one you won't find everyday ,
it would be the focal point in any collection

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