Saturday, July 24

Tiffany Lamps In Your Home

Stained glass has been around for hundreds of years, yet never seems to go out of style. It is one of the most versatile decorating options available to everyone, from stained glass windows, to sun catchers, to Tiffany lamps.
There are seven categories of Tiffany lamps including such Tiffany table lamps as Geometric, Flowered Domes, Flowered Cones, Wisteria, Irregular Lower Borders,  Hanging Lamps, and Tiffany Floor Lamps. Factors to consider while going through each category of Tiffany Lamps is the size of lamp you are looking for, where it will be placed, are there children in the house, and finally the overall color of the lamp.
Tiffany lamps come in a wide array of colors even within each individual design, the key to selecting a color that will match your interior is to view the lamp from a distance and take the overall color into account.
The great thing about stained glass is that there is no need to confine it to only one room. Tiffany lamps and sun catchers complement living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and even gardens. When it comes to stained glass there are no concrete rules as to how you must decorate with it.
Many of the Hanging Tiffany Lamps incorporate designs from the geometric and flowering categories. These lamps vary greatly in size from small hanging lamps that would be perfect for a small breakfast nook to some that are large entryway chandeliers only suitable for a raised or vaulted ceiling.
Ranging from 18 to 29 inches Tiffany floor lamps incorporate the Oriental poppy, Laburnum, Dragonfly, Peony and Geometric designs. These lamps are great for setting next to your favorite reading chair or placing a matching set on either side of an entertainment center, television, or master bed. A Tiffany floor lamp is very versatile and great for illuminating entire rooms.
Tiffany lamps add the beauty of their stained glass designs and bright colors to enhance any room. When they are brought away from the wall, the shades are able to reflect their beautiful designs onto the walls to beam their beautiful colors beyond the lamp.
Aim for symmetry, to showcase the colorful Tiffany lamp shades. For instance, you have a beautiful Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp replica that you would love to place on the end table on the left side of your couch. Only problem is you have a matching end table on the right side of the couch. I would strongly suggest buying a matching lamp or finding a new location for the one you already own. Now if you have a reading corner or a computer desk, you can place the lamp where a single light would look great regardless of other lamps and sun catchers you may already have in the same room.
In most cases you can choose which base design of Tiffany table lamp you would like to complement your Tiffany lamp shade. Although many Art Nouveau designs have been produced, the base designs usually include the tree trunk, dragonfly, lily, footed, down bridge, bamboo, tulip and willow. No matter what designs or colors you chose, you cannot go wrong with a Tiffany lamp in your home.

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