Saturday, September 11

1913 Maxwell Model 40 Five Passenger Touring Car

Conglomerates have been with us since the earliest days of automobiling, and this lovely Maxwell serves as a reminder of one of the earliest, U.S. Motors. Jonathan Maxwell started building the cars named after him in 1904 and quickly set a standard in the industry.
In partnership with Benjamin Briscoe, the Maxwell-Briscoe both of New York became one of the members of the mighty U.S. Motors group, which also included Columbia electric cars, Stoddard-Dayton and Courier cars, Sampson trucks and the little singe-cylinder Brush runabout auto. The huge corporation came apart in 1913 and Maxwell, now without its originators, was able to reorganize and continue in production.
The Maxwell, by the way, is still with us; it became the Chrysler Corporation and early Chryslers were strongly based on the old Maxwell design.
This Maxwell is a older restoration that has been well maintained and a car to be proud of. The car has been a excellent vehicle to tour with. It runs and drives well. With its 36X4 tires and 40HP motor it runs and drives with the best of them. With the car standing just over 7-feet tall it is very impressive.

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