Saturday, December 4

The Mayfair Hotel 1927 (Dunhill--Charlotte)

I brought ghosts with me last night. I left my house , new in 1925 to a hotel that was minted in '27. 
I was there--we were there--they reveled & caroused.
Ghosts dancing in the grand windows facing the Carolina Theater, also of '27.
They could hear those old cinema tunes and knew that they were happy. There was the clinking of glasses & the tipping of straw boater hats.
Smiles started at the corners of the mouth and the eyes were 
the cat-happiness of slits
Ghosts are like that.
They always tango with a Tomcat rakish slant
a lightning stroke of spats and gallant panache
at the elbow, the knee like this and the wrist like that.

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