Tuesday, December 7

Why Christmas ?

Why Christmas ?
Again we are at this time of late year when we ask ourselves a moment of reflection and a pause to see our world and lives as a culmination, a process or an impending birth of spirit. Beginnings, involvements or endings the question of the season is the manifestation of good spirit; we need not just because of a day or a designated thing called a holiday. This is something that should blend regularly with our everyday lives, not only for one period of time.
This is always a challenge for me to get through these days with a happy face or just a contented mood--these are very personal times that can not ever be out of my thoughts; the thread-bare reality of aspiration through these days make me feel the true and only valid life that courses each second and lighted action--it is in the very doing that one feels the life itself. It need not be so overly interpreted or individually foretold.
The freshness of each gasp should be a surprising gasp of expectant life:

This is
Why Christmas, for certain, is by far enough reason alone.

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