Monday, January 3


'This is an early, patent dated 1914 electric toaster complete with it's original box and hang tag. The toaster is marked on the bottom "CAT. NO. 116T24 W 625 V 110 PAT. APR. 1, 1904 FEB. 22, 1910 JULY 28, 1914 EDISON ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. INC. CHICAGO MADE IN U.S.A. ONTARIO, CAL.". The toaster features a manual flip out door on each side and a bright polished chrome finish. The condition of the toaster is nothing short of oustanding appearing to be completely unused as seen in our photo's below and above. The toaster is, as mentioned above, also complete with the original box and hang tag. The box is excellent but please note that the top side flaps and end flap have all been taped on from the inside, having apparently been off of the box at some point. There is almost no paper or cardboard missing along the edges and the tape is on the inside surfaces, not the outside. The box still displays beautifully and it's pretty well unseen until you look for it. The toaster is very clean, there is no rust and it retains a wonderful high sheen to the chromed surface. Checked the toaster briefly to see if it worked and it immediately began to get red hot so it certainly works. The toaster is also complete with the original cord and it appears to be perfectly functional. That's about it, this very scarce Edison Hotpoint Toaster with the Original Box and Hang Tag will make an excellent addition to someone's collection.'

Update: Because of the labels and the almost mint condition of this toaster I would value it at about $350-400.    June 21, 2012
Update: Upon reconsideration of the 'shelf-quality' almost unused I would value it at a secure $500, possibly more to the nice collector at an auction.  Sept. 1, 2012

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