Tuesday, April 19

Last Quarter of the 19th Century Egg Cup & Toast Rack

'This stunning vintage silver plated egg cup/toast rack set comes in excellent condition, the base can be turned by hand when the rack is stationary on a table top, I think its a truely breathtaking design/piece. Its made by Hukin & Heath of Birmingham. The rack is stamped with the Hukin & Heath stamps 21048 Registered.
Hukin & Heath of Birmingham:
The firm was established in Birmingham in 1855 by Jonathan Wilson Hukin and John Thomas Heath. The firm's association with Christopher Dresser began in 1877; the first registered design dates from 1878, and others were entered up to 1881. Dresser's designs were launched at the opening of the firm's showrooms in Charterhouse Street in August 1879. In 1904 the business was converted under the style of Hukin & Heath Ltd. The later company closed in 1953.
The four egg cups aren't stamped and appear to be from a different set as are the teaspoons which are stamped EPNS.
The rack measures approx: 7.75" inches (19.7cm) high by 7" inches (17.7cm) in diameter.
The egg cups measure approx: 2.5 inches (6.3cm) high by 1.8" inches (4.5cm) in diameter.
The teaspoons measure approx: 5" inches (12.7cm) long by 1.1" inches (2.8cm) wide.'

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