Friday, July 8

1911 Ford Model T Fire Engine

'The restoration of this gorgeous Model T Fire Chief's car was started right after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The car was lettered NYC in honor and memory of those Fire Fighters who lost their lives in service to our country. The chassis was of a 1919 Model T Fire Chief's car purchased near Cleveland, Ohio. The mechanical restoration of the chassis had been completed  it was decided to complete the car as a 1911 because authentic parts from that era were available and it was felt the later electric starter and generator would enhance the utility of the vehicle.  It was to be used in parades as a promotional vehicle for Ashland, Oregon’s Lithia Hot Springs Inn & Gardens and having a later, more dependable running gear was desirable.
In the era of 1911 it was customary for Runabouts to also be outfitted with a removable pickup box for hauling things when you weren't on a picnic, or in this case were't going to a fire.  Such a utility box was fabricated incorporating to match boxes of that era, using the customary brass railings a fire dept would use.  [See last two photos with box monted)  The conversation from utility to runabout is quick and easy, as the box was only used for parades
Since it’s restoration, it has only been in one 4th of July parade and was driven approximately a total of 100 miles.  Due to the owner’s age, it was decided to retire the truck when the owner retired, as no one else wanted to be responsible for the first nick or damage the beautiful restoration.   
The body is torch red with black fenders. It has been lettered and trimmed with real 23 Karat Italian Gold Leaf hand applied and pinstriped as it would have been originally. The wood portions of the body have a cherry-wood finish on them. The car has:
  • A polished brass radiator with Ford Script
  • Beautifully and accurately reproduced E&J Model 66 Carbide Headlights w/burners
  • Beautifully and accurately reproduced E&J side and tail lights with burners and wicks
  • Beautifully and accurately reproduced carbide generator with basket
  • Beautiful Original Rubes Single Twist Horn
  • Polished brass Ford Script Monocle windshield
  • Solid brass step plates
  • Brass steering quadrant and spider with beautiful wood steering wheel
  • Restored Demountable wood wheels with all white universal ribbed tires.
  • Accurately reproduced Heinze Coil box and switch made to hold the later coils. They have been gaped and adjusted to the proper amperage
  • The car comes with an Oregon certificate of ownership as an assembled vehicle and is a legal driver.  If the high bidder would prefer, due to its age a legal 1911 title may be acquired through the use of Broadway Title Co.  We will provide the necessary bill of sale and help in the process.
Fire Equipment:
  • Correct Hose reel with brass finials and springs (rare)
  • Early restored Sterling hand crank siren with original brass tag
  • Rare brass 6 volt Electric radiator cap bell with eagle stamped "Liberty Bell Cleveland, Ohio with pat'd dates
  • Two early copper Badger Fire extinguishers with brass bases beautifully polished
  • Early Gray and Davis Carbide Search light
  • Fire Axe and Bucket
  • Originally restored Fire King Fire Department Lantern with red globe and brass bracket
  • Ladder has been stripped, metal parts painted and finished with several coats of Spar Varnish
  • The only item that could not be located was the Copper Chemical Tank. In it's place is a very rare 5 gallon Soda Tank that is very similar in appearance to the original style tank
This may be one of the most beautiful Model T's ever restored & will not find another one like it.  It has been in dry storage since it’s restoration and since it’s appearance in the Ashland, Oregon’s 4th of July Parade in 2010.'

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