Friday, August 12

Rick Perry : Absolute Loser for President

AUSTIN, TX: "Former Chairman of the Texas for Al Gore presidential campaign, Rick Perry, is scheduled to announce his bid for the republicrat presidential nomination tomorrow. Perry, a close friend of the corrupt communist Lena Guerrero, who was convicted of theft and corruption several years ago, has straddled the political fence long enough to be the poster boy for proof there is not a fragment of difference if there is an R or a D behind the name. Another interesting fact about Perry is he was a cheerleader for the Texas A&M Aggies. NWN searched for a photo of him and his pom poms, but was unable to locate one. We also couldn't find one with he and Gore together, though, as the state chair of the campaign, we are sure they exist. Curious development, at the least. It almost seems that one of them are ashamed of the other and had the net scrubbed. Other faqctoids are he received a degree in what appears to be animal husbandry at A&M, which many Longhorns would say is relatively redundant! He was a very average student. He also engaged in cruelty to animals by placing chickens in upper classmen's closets, and constitutional abuse by setting up firecrackers in the toilets to scare the crap out of folks while they were taking their morning constitutionals.
Since becoming governor of Texas, the state has run pretty much on cruise control, and now enjoys an 8.8% unemployment rate, which is roughly .3 percent lower than the national rate, so he has a feather proudly displayed in his hat for that number.[These jobs were created not by Perry but because of the growing oil companies & military jobs]. Although being governor since G.W. Bush resigned to be the presidebt, Perry has only noticed an illegal alien problem in the state this year. He has done nothing about it but offer lip service, since making the discovery. A couple of years ago, he was a coveted guest and speaker at the Bilderberg meeting, which is a group of glowbullists that meet annually to concoct the one world government they want to force upon the people. They love Rick Perry. He also tried to force young girls to get a highly controversial, and potentially dangerous vaccine provided by his friends at Merck, attempted to create a super corridor by abusing the imminent domain laws, and more recently oversaw the transfer of 25 million dollars to one of the richest men in the world to encourage him to bring Formula One racing to Austin. So, when Rick Perry (R) or (D) throws that cowboy hat into the ring tomorrow, keep in mind his chameleon character, and friendship with Al Gore. That, is all you need to know about Rick. Yee haw!! !"

Regards: Nitwitness News on Face Book

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