Monday, September 12

Bradley & Hubbard Metal Overlay Table Lamp circa 1910

                  'The only thing that has not been on this lamp for 100 plus years is the lamp cord.  

The shade consists of 8 ribbed, molded panels in a shade measuring 17 ¼ inches in diameter.  The outside of the panels is shiny, while the inside is frosted.  No cleaning has been done to the inside of the lamp so as not to potentially ruin the frosted finish, and to maintain the lamp’s aged charm. Copper strips hold the panels onto the metal shade. There are no cracks or visible chips on any of the panels.  One of the panels has a minor, manufacturing flaw that looks and feels like a raised ridge (pictured), but is undetectable on the inside of the shade and is clearly not a crack.
The base, nearly 23 inches tall, maintains the original bronze-colored patina, only slightly showing a century of wear and exposure. The fixture consists of 3 original, copper sockets, each bearing the mark “BRYANT, PAT’D November 26, 1907.  

At the top of the base is a Bradley and Hubbard triangular mark, as well as “PAT APPD FOR”.  The socket pulls are the highly-desirable, stylized ball chains, which pull very smoothly. The base also appears to have the original felt plate on the bottom.'

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