Monday, November 7

Studebaker 1920 Model EH Tourer

'This model Studebaker is a five passenger touring car on the 119" wheelbase with 
the 288 cubic inch 6 cylinder motor. 
It was designed to compete with the Buick, Hudson, 
Nash class of upper middle priced cars. 
It drives extremely well with lots good handling and power - 
it devours hills without downshifting and with lots of torque! 
The front end and the steering gear are very tight; and the brakes 
and clutch are both excellent. 
An excellent car for family touring and driving. All wheels, rims, 
and hubcaps are in excellent condition; 
and all tires and tubes are also excellent and match. 

This car is in overall excellent condition; and does not 
appear to have ever been damaged, rusted,  
rotted or repaired. 
It was correctly repainted and reupholstered about 
twenty-five years ago, 
and still shows very well. 
The paint, interior, and top are still in very nice condition. 
The car is extremely 
correct and has never been altered. 

The car still has its original combination switch key. 
All lights, dash, handles, 
and  rear windows in the top, as an example, 
are all correct. All of the lights work and the electrical 
and charging system is in excellent condition. 
The dash instruments are all correct and have been re-calibrated, 
and the dash repainted and appropriate parts re-plated 
in nickel. I do not have the side cutains nor the side curtain hardware for the car. 

This is an example of a nice antique auto that one rarely sees.'

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