Monday, January 9

1929 Oval Window Model A Business Coupe

'A historic 1929 Ford Model A Oval Window Business Coupe. This particular Oval Window style coupe (also called Businessman’s Coupe) was a rare one year production. In fact, it is actually believed to be offered for sale by Ford during only a two month period in the summer of 1929. It has also been stated that Ford “believes” up to 800 were made in conjunction with a large business fair that was being held in Los Angeles.

This car has been preserved by a single owner since his purchase as the third owner in the summer of 1957. It was his first car and he paid $74 for it, which was a ton of money to him at the time. Yes, it is fully paid for now. He kept this and all of the cars in his collection in excellent condition and always stored them inside with climate control.
The engine is a flat 4 with approximately 2,500 miles on it since it was completely rebuilt and balanced. A genuine and period correct Ford manifold heater was added. This car has a 3 speed manual gearbox. The engine runs properly and shifts through all gears as it should. The steering and mechanical drum brakes are also up to par. It is not ready for the Grand Prix, but, will get you around where you need to go with confidence. 
The original gas tank in front of the windshield rusted and is part of the dash. The new gas tank has been discreetly installed at the feet of the rumble seat and without close inspection appears like luggage. This old car has a rear mounted spare. The body and fender paint is good with minor weathering and a chip in the driver’s side rear. 

The top is in excellent condition both inside and outside. The interior is also very presentable and well preserved. There is a marble shift knob, fire extinguisher, and manual choke in dash. The two levers are idle speed and timing advance well.
This collector piece would be perfect for driving whenever the mood or event appears. '

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