Thursday, February 16

1950's 45 RPM Single Phonograph by RCA Victor

'We have for your viewing and bidding pleasure a vintage portable 45 RPM electric record player. The case appears to be made out of brown celluloid material or possibly hard quality plastic. On the lower front it has the name RCA VICTOR in gold lettering. To open the lid you press the gold oblong button on the front center area of the lid. On the underside of the lid it has the name VICTROLA with the mascot dog “NIPPER” and the horn phonograph. 

On the back inside case center it has MODEL 45-EY-3 SERIAL NUMBER A 265642 115 volts 60 cycle 50 watts. MADE IN U.S.A. RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA RCA Victor Division Camden, N J.. Just below the arm on the tan platform on the right front side it has the name RCA VICTOR. Exhibited is a RCA 45 RPM record to show its position.. The cord is in good condition. There is a carrying handle on the back side. The phonograph has a hinged lid which props open with a fold up prop bar. 

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