Friday, March 2

1928 Boat-Tail Stutz Black Hawk Four-Passenger Speedster

1928 Stutz Four-Passenger Black Hawk Speedster
Stutz Motor Car Company of America., with a long history in record-setting racing and performance, including the Indianapolis 500, made a strategic change in philosophy in 1926. Not only was the new company ownership going to add luxury to the offerings, they decided to add to the racing provenance by competing Internationally. The 1928 result was a 2nd place in the 24 hours of LeMans; the best results at LeMans for an American car until 1966.
One must look in the engine compartment to appreciate the special late-era engineering that went into turbocharging this engine, now pumping out a significant 300 horsepower (that right, THREE HUNDRED horsepower), backed up by a modern overdrive automatic transmission...
 With only 2,403 Stutz vehicles built in 1928, this is an opportunity to motor in impeccable luxury and race-bred straight-eight performance. In the 1928 Stutz Motor Car catalog, this exclusive and rare boat tail body style is documented as a Stutz Custom Four-Passenger Black Hawk Speedster.
Dare say this is a one-of-one Boat Tailed Speedster of amazing performance. combining a historical engine with modern engineering expertise! Former owner William Ruger Sr.,  of Ruger firearms fame, in a desire to increase the power and durability of a favorite Stutz Speedster, contracted Callaway Engineering. They worked their magic to create a unique one-off Turbocharger system; Callaway’s years of turbo expertise enabled the company to engineer and build an application that was elegant in presentation and impressive in performance.  The view of the Stutz straight-eight from the opened hood sides reveals individual up-flow headers and a heat-shield wrapped turbo, signally immediately that this is a classic to be reckoned with.  Image notwithstanding, this is now a 300 horsepower road warrior, backed by a modern 4L80-E automatic transmission.  No need to be concerned about keeping up with the pack on any classic car tour!

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