Friday, March 9

Pristine 1917 Whaley Tulip Table Lamp

'For your viewing is a beautiful Full Floral Tulip Lamp.  The floral pattern repeats four time across the top surface of the shade. The leaves are intense striated green while the tulip flowers are formed with fiery orange/coral colored glass. The background is composed of lighter green glass pieces. The lamp shade is 19" in diameter and 6" deep. Placed on the base it stands a formidable 23" high.
The shape is a very unique in that the it curls inwards near the bottom -  forming a semi-elliptical mushroom shape. The large pieces of glass composing the tulip stems are curved to help the shade take on its exquisite shape. The quality of this shade and the complexity of the design is indicative of a highly skilled early 20th century manufacturer. All the glass is in very good shape and the leading is complete with no loose pieces. Slight hairlines can be seen on about 4 pieces but this would certainly be commensurate with the age of the lamp.

This beautiful Tulip lamp shade is believed to be made by the J.A. Whaley company of New York. Circa 1910-1917.  The shade is not signed but this lamp shade is identical to one sold at Rago's  several years ago (see link for reference: ). I had the lamp examined by both a shop in San Francisco specializing in antique leaded glass lamps as well as a high end restorer and appraiser in Los Angeles -- both agree that this is most likely a Whaley Lamp Shade. The base is constructed of a copper foil overlaid onto non-metallic surface. To the touch -- the lamp feels and looks like copper.  The overlay is quite complex in design as can be seen on the photos. The copper has taken on a beautiful dark green patina with bits of reddish/brown coloring beginning to take shape within the sculpted designs

The sculpted base is 6" in diameter and terminates with a 3-light fixture. The base is marked with a symbol similar to Roycroft ; however it is believed the base was made by Goodwin & Kintz  - there is history that they made the copper overlay-type bases and matched them with other makers shades. This is a high quality early 20th century lamp shade and base.  It is very likely they have been together all their life in that the patina matches perfectly and they simply work well together.  The heat cap may or not be original but it has aged well and perfectly matches the rest of the lamps look. It is rare and unique  - a truly beautiful and highly collectible piece of American Decorative Arts History.'

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