Monday, April 30

Miller Peacock-Finial Table Lamp circa 1910

'Stunning pink and green slag glass overlay table lamp produced by the Miller Lamp Company about the years 1908 to 1920. Clearly marked underneath the base with “MILLER” and the number “956”. Including the finial, the lamp stands around 24.5 inches tall with a shade diameter of 18 inches (it is 8-sided). The base has a diameter of 7 inches.

The metal overlay shows a floral & trellis design (possibly Morning Glories or Calla Lilies) around the edge which covers the green glass panels… 2 shades of green! A leaf motif tops of the overlay near the finial – the leaves point down through the pink panels towards the flowers. The metal stand ends in a base that also shows a floral design, possibly roses.

The shade contains 72 slag glass panels - 8 dark green, 24 light green and 40 pink. Many of the panels, if not all, are streaked with white coloring striations. The metal they fit in, on the inside of the lampshade, may be lead... I'm not sure about this, and am unwilling to test the metal in case I scratch it (but see picture 10 with the zoom feature). Sitting atop the shade is a majestic looking Peacock finial, with tail feathers fanned out, that holds a pink glass drop within its body. The peacock has some blue and red coloring on it.

The lamp works flawlessly and it really lights up a room with a warm pink and refreshing green shades.

The lamp appears to be in great shape for its age. The metal work does show a couple of scratches and it is fair to say the glass will need cleaning. The light fixtures and power cord may be replacements. The drop within the peacock may need refitting as the wire holding it does not allow for it to sit snugly, and the Peacock itself has some paint loss. There are no chips or cracks in the glass panels – there are creases in some from the manufacturer.'

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