Tuesday, April 22

Earth Day Hope

Read T.S. Eliot's 1917 Poem:
"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"


composer369 said...

I just discovered in the crawlspace of the 1925 house I live in was originally addressed as: 207 North Cecil. This was long before Independence Boulevard, or Kings, and long before the current Charlottetowne. The dates for the address: 1925--1955. The exciting search for the truth of the house goes onward!

composer369 said...

I have pulled out a very heavily constructed all metal hoe from the crawl space under my apartment. It looks to my eye to be made 1900--20 period and with a few questions to those "in the know" I have discovered that I found the original coal hoe that would have been under the house of many of the time. A resident would pull the coal off the shelf of earth that a pile would sit, transported and then dump/delivered through the ubiquitous coal-chute on the sides of buildings. The ports and chutes here are in immaculate condition, they look just weeks old, not 83 years old ! I also have a small (and I mean minute) handful of "pea-coal" from the back yard--each piece is the size of a hard candy=a perfect size for the stove upstairs ready to heat, warm some water for a bath and reheat last night's beans for any that would want.