Sunday, July 13


Everyone everywhere and almost totally without exception tells me that they are petrified of what seems to be happening in America. Prices are rising like they never have in my lifetime, or any one's, and this is really just a slight foretaste of the horror to come this winter. I see the financial disaster of the time when I was moving: March & April as the first equivalent of October 1929... and following that reference, as it is now July 2008, that would be the equivalent of early 1930. Again, just a foretaste...this cold winter to come will be a time when many will die in their homes and apartments-- frozen, probably not discovered for days and possibly weeks They will die with their pets, with their meager food, with everything stone-cold.. This is the state of our nation and its mood. Dysfunctional and xenophobic, a place where neighbors hardly speak and everyone has a chip on their shoulder. I will survive as Charlotte and the weather here has tussled with me before and I know what to do. The poor, the older folks up north, those without and the homeless or home-stressed--Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago-- just imagine how tragic. It will be like a small ice-age of bleak gloom and death.

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