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SAVE the "Delta Queen"

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Dear Delta Queen Supporter:

As we have discussed, saving the Delta Queen is a non-partisan issue - she is a U.S. flag vessel, with an all-American crew, she is U.S. owned and pays U.S. taxes. She is a registered historic treasure of the Department of the Interior and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, she is a National Historic Landmark and also a member of the National Maritime Hall of Fame. Since 1968 her operating exemption acknowledging her wood super structure has been granted 9 consecutive times by both democrats and republicans, she was good enough and safe enough to host three presidents and a princess. Despite all this, the Chairman of the Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee and the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee won't even let the Delta Queen extension go to a vote. However, Congress did find the time to exempt a foreign owned cruise line, with foreign built ships from the Jones Act, passed in 1886, which protects American maritime jobs. Due to Congress' exemption, the United States Coast Guard estimated that 900 - 1,200 foreign workers will be employed by that cruise line in 2008. In contrast, if nothing is done for the Queen then on November 1, 2008 more than 120 American jobs will be lost (directly and not including the revenue she brings to many small towns in a dozen states) and we will all lose a little bit of our cultural heritage.

I have personally walked the halls of Congress to gain support. The company has hired consultants and lobbyists to gain support. Thousands of Delta Queen loyalists have sent e-mails to Congress to garner support. To date, all to no avail.

As we are hearing from our Presidential candidates in speeches across the country, "Washington is broken and the country requires a real change." When we look at the circumstances surrounding the Delta Queen, it symbolizes what is wrong in America. I ask myself, what has America come to when unions are actively fighting against American jobs? What has America become when our politicians are not fighting to protect our history and traditions? What has our Congress evolved to when committee chairs are so powerful that they, at their sole discretion, will not let legislation that has passed 9 times even reach the floor for a vote?

At the same time, I know that in America, when enough people care, we can overcome great odds, right wrongs, and act in the best interest of the people and the generations to follow. I also know that the Delta Queen is worth fighting for and that there are so many people that are passionate about protecting her ability to operate for future generations. It has become obvious that we need our fight to "Save the Queen," to elevate her cause into the national discussion and there is nothing as powerful as talk radio in order to achieve this end. In order to save the Queen we need a voice that can be heard in Washington. It is my sincere hope that the power of talk radio can make our Presidential candidates take a position on this issue, bring change in Washington, and preserve a national treasure for future generations as well as its American jobs.

What you can do!

We need a strong, immediate, focused grassroots effort to do the following:
1) E-mail the radio shows below and tell them how important saving the Queen is to you.
2) E-mail the candidates urging them to take a position on saving the Queen.
3) Pass on the White Paper attached to friends and fans of the Queen and ask them to do the same 3 steps.

Thank you for your support.

Joe Ueberroth
President, Majestic America Line
Chairman and CEO, Ambassadors International, Inc.

In addition, I will be starting the campaign by being on the Jason Lewis show, Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 6:30 CST on Minneapolis FM 100.3 KTLK

The following are the targeted radio talk shows programs:

* Glenn Beck - 818.377.5300
* Neal Boortz - 404.897.7500 go to
* Alan Colmes - 212.301.3000
* Mike Gallagher - 972.831.1920 go to
* Bill Handel - 818.559.2252
* Sean Hannity - 212.613.3800
* Rush Limbaugh - 212.445.3900
* Bill O'Reilly - 212.641.2000
* Michael Savage - 541.664.8827
* Ed Schulz - 701.237.5246
* National Public Radio - go to

Send your comments and the attached whitepaper to each of the presidential campaigns:

Mike Huckabee (800) 781-6302
Contacts: Kristen Fedewa (202) 365-6936
Alice Stewart (501) 324-2008 or (501) 658-1654

John McCain
Contacts: Brooke Buchanan (703) 650-5550
Meg Schultz (703) 650-5578

Mitt Romney
Contacts: Kevin Madden or Alex Burgos (857) 288-6390

Hillary Clinton |(703) 875-1271
Contact: Mark Daley (515) 491-8703 or

Barack Obama
Contacts: Jen Psaka (312) 819-2423
Katie Hogan (312) 819-2423

Ron Paul
Contact: (703) 248-9115

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