Tuesday, October 28

=True Choice=

Television channel 9, WSOC, has a poll today and the subject is who one wants to vote for and if the choice of president has changed or not. Here is the poll:

"Have you changed your mind on who you're voting for since the presidential campaigns began?
()Yes, I'm now voting for McCain.
()Yes, I'm now voting for Obama.
()No, I'm still voting for McCain.
()No, I'm still voting for Obama."

Such a sad state the journalists and the related occupations do not even THINK other parties exist in this country.
To them, it seems, there are no other choices.

The picture here to the left asks us to rebel.
Pick a rebel.

There are more to choose from than only Democrat or Republican.

When will we realize ?
How long will it take for us to exercise our TRUE Freedom?

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