Thursday, October 8

1936 Second Term Campaign of Roosevelt

The United States presidential election of 1936 was the most lopsided presidential election in the history of the United States in terms of electoral votes. In terms of the popular vote it was the second biggest victory in contested presidential elections (excluding the relatively uncontended Era of Good Feelings) after Warren Harding over Cox in the United States presidential election, 1920 during which much of Cox's Democratic Party refused to participate, which strongly contributed to the rout.
The election took place as the Great Depression entered its eighth year. Incumbent President Franklin D. Roosevelt was still working to push the provisions of his New Deal economic policy through Congress and the courts. However, the New Deal policies he had already enacted, such as Social Security and unemployment benefits, had proven to be highly popular with most Americans. Roosevelt's Republican opponent was Governor Alf Landon of Kansas, a political moderate.

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