Friday, October 9

Babe Ruth Rare Film 1926

"Here is the correct[attribution] This was a hard one. It wasn’t the 1928 W[orld]S[eries] the Cardinals didn’t wear dark stir ups. Also there is no sign of bunting or extra things that would make it Importanted [sic]. Also the dementions [sic] are not set. The game took place on August 14, 1926 the second game of a doubleheader versus the Washington Senators. It was the second game because it was later in the afternoon see the shadows and the Senators would be wearing light stir[r]ups but they forgot to bring an extra pair so they had to barrow some for the Yankees. Also Lou Gehrig had his head down when Ruth pass by because he was still a young player who didn’t win any awards yet. The catcher is Muddy Ruel."
— Bill Volkmann -New York Times Comment
"Ok. Note that Gehrig is walking back to the dugout just before Ruth comes to bat. That is not Gehrig hitting AFTER him. It is the tall and skinny Bob Meusel. Babe only struck out once at home vs. Wash in 1926. It was August 30, 1926 when Gehrig hit before him and Meusel after. Walter Johnson struck out the bambino that day:"

— Joe Martini-New York Times Comment

The NEWLY discovered film can be seen in its entirety at:

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