Monday, March 7

1926 Crosley Jewelbox Radio with Stand

After some searching on the internet, and I can find quite a few Crosley Type D Musicone Speakers, as well as Crosley Jewelbox Tube Radios, however, I cannot find another example of the original Cast Iron Radio Stand that came along with this radio and speaker. This is not a marriage, but the original stand made by Crosley. This antique, circa 1920s Crosley Radio, Speaker & Stand are in very good original untouched condition. There is some minor surface wear from years of use, however there are no breaks or any repairs. The Crosley Type D Musicone Speaker measures 11 ½” diameter by 12” tall. This speaker is in very good condition, however I have not tested it. The Jewelbox 8-Tube Radio measures 18” long, 12 ½” wide by 6 ½” tall. I have no way of testing the original tubes that are inside this radio,

and you will find an arrow pointing to one missing tube. I guarantee that the rest of this radio is in original, complete condition and that the high bidder will be more than satisfied with its age, quality and condition. ... Along with this antique Crosley Radio comes the 28 ¾” tall, 18 ½” wide and 13” deep Cast Iron Stand you see in my photographs. The Radio fits perfectly on top of this stand it is guaranteed to be made for and by Crosley Radios. This stand is also in perfect original condition and still retains its gold gilded accents.

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