Friday, July 22

1911 Undamaged J.A. Whaley Stained Glass Table Lamp

'This one-of-a-kind 1911 leaded floral table lamp depicts pink striated glass tulips with deep green foliage set against a caramel and light green ground. The shade is supported by a 3-socket base with deep brown patina finish and ends with three acorn pulls and top cap.The lamp manufacturer J.A. Whaley & Co. made beautiful leaded mosaic glass lamps to compete with Duffner and Kimberly around the turn of the century. There isn’t a lot of information about the J.A. Whaley & Co. lamps available, but we do know that J. A. Whaley & Co. opened its first lamp store in New York in 1901. 
J.A. Whaley & Co. did not aggressively advertise its lamps to the general public. Instead, J.A. Whaley & Co. focused on building partnerships with lighting distributors like Mckenney & Waterbury. Because of the lack of advertisements and catalogs, J.A. Whaley & Co.’s lamp line has not yet been fully discovered.
J.A. Whaley & Co. also did not make it a point to faithfully sign or design its lampshades or bases as unique products. In fact, of the four styles of bases that J.A. Whaley & Co. favored, at least two appear to mimic Duffner and Kimberly bases.  Fortunately, some base styles and lampshades were signed, and from those we can determine other J.A. Whaley & Co. pieces.
An original J.A. Whaley & Co. lamp in good condition can be worth anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand. A signed lamp by J.A. Whaley & Co. could be worth more.'  22" tall

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