Monday, July 18


'When is the last time you have seen the rarest of the rare, a 1932 Cadillac V12 Convertible Coupe restored to better then new condition?  For those that know their classic cars, in the 1930’s Cadillac’s slogan was ‘Standard of the World’.  This slogan was not taken lightly by Cadillac, its design and engineering team and when they produced the 1932 Cadillac V-12 convertible coupe it was considered one of the five most beautiful American classic cars ever produced.  To top that off, everyone knows that there is the perfect color and color scheme for every car ever produced, in this particular case most classic car judges would agree that the color of this car is absolutely perfectly suited to bring out the classic car lines and show the depths of the mirror like finish.  It should be noted that the underside of the car is done for show purposes, the underside was washed, cleaned and polished.

 If there was ever a time to see one of the rarest and most beautifully designed and engineered classics from the 30’s, this is it.
This magnificent V-12 Cadillac is one of only 81 convertible coupes produced in 1932, with very few remaining today. This numbers matching Harley Earl designed, Fisher Body, car is all-original and was the 6th vehicle produced in 1932. The frame off restoration was done to the highest of standards approximately 12 years ago and has been very well maintained ever since. The two-tone maroon color combination is enhanced with red pin striping, brown leather interior and chrome spoke wheels with contrasting red rims. The rear mounted spare is very rare and gives the body an extremely sleek look with the long 6-louvered hood. The speedometer shows 72, 091 miles, which is believed to be correct, with very few miles since restoration. The car runs and drives extremely well, and can be shown or toured without hesitation.

The car sits on a 134-inch wheelbase and is powered by its original 368 cubic inch V-12, rated at 135 horsepower.'

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